Patch R8169 ::
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r8169Add support for interrupt coalesce tuning.

> I've got no feedback at all to my original posting of this patch and questions > > /lists/netdev/msg457173.html > > neither from Francois, nor from any people from Realtek during one month. [PATCH] [RFC] r8169: check for valid MAC before clobbering @ 2019-11-13 0:58 Brian Norris 2019-11-13 20:30 ` Heiner Kallweit 0 siblings, 1 reply; 7 messages in thread From: Brian Norris @ 2019-11-13 0:58 UTC permalink / raw To: Realtek linux nic maintainers, Heiner Kallweit Cc: linux-kernel, netdev, Brian Norris, Chun-Hao Lin I have some. [PATCH] r8169: Fix WoL on RTL8168d/8111d. This regression was spotted between Debian squeeze and Debian wheezy kernels respectively based on 2.6.32 and 3.2. The fix was inspired by. From: Heiner Kallweit BugLink: bugs./bugs/1752772 This patch improves few aspects of interrupt handling: - update to.

[net,1/3] r8169:fix kernel log spam when set or get hardware wol setting. [PATCH] r8169: Enable RX_MULTI_EN for RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_40. Without this, the ethernet port on my ASUS A88X Pro mainboard stops working sometimes, with. > This patch reinstate ALDPS and ASPM support on r8169. > > On some Intel platforms, ASPM support on r8169 is the key factor to > let Package C-State achieve PC8. Without ASPM support, the deepest > Package C-State can hit is PC3. PC8 can save additional ~3W in > comparison with PC3. > > This patch is from Realtek. >.

hayeswang : > Excuse me, I have some questions about the firmware patch. > > 1. I should convert the data into the binary files.bin. 11/12/2010 · Remove the firmware of RTL8111D from the kernel. The binary file of firmware would be moved to linux-firmware repository. Signed-off-by: Hayes Wang . Subject: Re: Bug561309: firmware-linux-nonfree: needs firmware for module r8169 /rtl8168d-1, 2.fw Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 03:19:29 0100 Hi On Saturday 19 December 2009, Ben Hutchings wrote: > It seems RTL8168D version 1 but not version 2 was previously supported > without the need for this firmware update rtl8168d-1.fw.

This Linux kernel change "[PATCH] r8169: ethtool message level control support" is included in the Linux 2.6.13 release. This change is authored by Stephen Hemminger on Fri May 27 21:11:52 2005 0200. The commit for this change in Linux stable tree is b57b7e5. > You will have better luck with a patch whose lines are correctly formed. > Patch below applies on top of 3.4-rc6. > Julien, please check your mail user agent. Excuse me, I have some questions about the firmware patch. 1. I should convert the data into the binary files.bin. Is it right? 2. Where should I update the firmware files? Only adjust the NAPI bits of the interruptmask, if netif_rx_schedule_prep returns true. Without this, I see interrupt storms here using 2.6.29-rcx and and device needed rmmod r8169modprobe r8169.

03/10/2015 · [ 14.390326] r8169 0000:03:00.0: Falling back to user helper [ 14.390589] r8169 0000:03:00.0 eth1: unable to load firmware patch rtl_nic/rtl8168g-2.fw. An RFC of this patch was created a month ago[1]. Ben Hutchings suggested to drop the CONFIG knob and always include the ethtool operations for getting and setting the EEPROM, so I did that for later versions. This new patch also checks the EEPROM size depends on whether 93C46 or 93C56 is used and has a minor style fix brace on new line.

Linux Kernel - [PATCH] r8169Enable RX_MULTI_EN.

This patch enables ASPM on some chips to prolong battery life and decrease cpu temperature. Details Due to the reported regressions that have been reported for the ASPM patch [2] it had been reverted. >>> This patch reinstate ALDPS and ASPM support on r8169. >>> On some Intel platforms, ASPM support on r8169 is the key factor to >>> let Package C-State achieve PC8. Dayanidhi Sreenivasan <[hidden email]>: [.] I have fixed the conflict with the driver in net-next due to removal of the SafeMtu define and pushed the result in.

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